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You have done your research. You meet all the program requirements, and you are ready to start your application to Au Pair in Belgium through Carla's Au Pairs.

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You asked for the application documents, but you still have a lot of questions about how the process is going to work from now on.

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At CAP we care about each Au Pair’s unique journey. We want to make your application the strongest and best it can be. We want you to have a successful Au Pair time in Belgium and we will do anything to help you achieve this goal. Sign up to this FREE course to get some added guidance about your application process and journey onwards. This course includes informative lectures by industry experts and video content from real Au Pairs.

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Live in Belgium as an Au Pair & experience all there is to experience about Belgian culture & more! Become part of a loving host family and make memories that will last a lifetime.


There's just something magical about Belgium! Maybe it's the friendly people. Maybe it's the stunning architecture decorating the quaint cobblestone streets. Or perhaps it's the incredible European/Belgian cuisine found in the vast array of restaurants where each meal seems better than the last. Think yummy chocolate and beer! Energetic and carefree, the overall mood in Belgium is infectious, summoning you to live as Belgians and enjoy life to the fullest.


See and experience all the things that you have only seen in movies. Be THAT brave young woman who took a chance and changed her life forever! Your future is in YOUR hands.

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Live the European Dream

Belgium appears to be a perfect destination for Au Pairs for very different reasons; people do not only come to Belgium to admire the beautiful forests, architecture, beer, chocolate…

Au Pairs also choose Belgium because Belgian people attach much value to family life and they are having active social lives. Belgian people are friendly, open-minded and interested in people from all over the world. Besides that, it gives you the opportunity to travel through Europe while you are living there...

We hope you are as excited as us about your upcoming adventure!


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